Wednesday, September 1, 2010


"I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery" Exodus 20:2

From slavery to deliverance

                       The Book of Exodus revolves around the deliverance of Gods people from slavery in Egypt and the establishment of God’s covenant with them at Sinai. Woven throughout the epic adventures of Exodus are glimpses of men and women whose love influenced a nation. Jochebed (EX 6:20) models the resourcefulness of a mother in crisis as she seeks to save her son from certain death (Ex 2:1-4). Pharaoh’s daughter unknowingly becomes a part of Israel’s deliverance when she shows compassion to an abandoned baby (2: 5-10). While her husband Moses stands in the limelight of leadership, Zipporah’s behind-the- scenes strength provides support for the one God has chosen to lead Israel ( Ex 4:18-26). Exodus traces God’s deliverance of his people (Ex 7-14), instilling hope in later generations when troubles overwhelm. We sing and dance for joy with Mirian and Moses after the crossing of the Red Sea (Ex 15:1-21). The establishment of the Sabbath and of the Israelite festivals reveals the benefits of rest and the joy to be found in celebration (Ex 23:10-19). We watch as the Israelites use their creative skills and give sacrificially in order to construct a tent of worship in the Sinai desert (Ex 25-28).
                    Ultimately the story of Exodus is the story of a relationship- a relationship with a God who never stops working through his people or listening to their prayers. That same God is our God today – ever present, ever faithful, never failing.
                     The stories in exodus ought to make one lesson clear : when it comes time to make a decision, a person can either obey God or plan on running into a lot of trouble.
To read about the everlasting love relationship  of  God and and His creation - man is seen in this book. Read the book of Exodus here.

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