Wednesday, September 8, 2010


.................Love your neighbor as yourself............. Leviticus 19:18

A holy law defined by a holy God.

                               The book of Leviticus is a book about relationships: God’s relationship with his people and their relationships with each other. The laws and guidelines in Leviticus provide a formula for a holy lifestyle based on God’s principles. The laws cover every aspect of daily life, from worship on holy days to proper eating habits, from clothing to cleansing, from sexual activity to rewards for obedience and punishments for disobedience. Leviticus devoted several chapters to the Israelite system of sacrifices (Lev 1-7). These offerings were designed to remind the Israelites of their need for God’s love and forgiveness, while illustrating the essential characteristics of God’s nature. The intimately detailed rules for daily living found throughout Leviticus provide the regulations necessary to maintain order in Israelite society. In Leviticus we learn about God’s concerns for a proper diet ( Lev 1), his interest in the proper care of diseased skin (Lev 13-14), our natural bodily functions and God’s provision for cleansing ( Lev 15). The detailed list of sexual regulations and guidelines for moral behavior found in Leviticus 18-19 reveal not so much a God who is “picky” as a God who is intimately concerned with every aspect of life. The goal of Leviticus is to produce a people who are holy before a holy God. Read more here.


  1. I just accepted your friend request on Tasty Kitchen and thought I'd check out your blog--good thoughts on Leviticus! I like how you point out that God isn't "picky"--so true.

  2. Thanx for visiting my blog Jenna.... God loves us the way we are :)


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