Growing Shallots

The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow.  ~Author Unknown

Oh soo yummy!

My hubby gubby planted these shallots. That was his first 'gardening act' and he was super excited:) Well after that I adopted them and took care of them- showed em lota luvvv ! They grew quickly and the whole patch was green so quickly. They looked very pretty and lush!! I couldnt wait to chop em up and use them in my cooking:) They are fairly easy to grow and are soooo tasty when eaten fresh. Store bought ones dont do justice to it. I loved them in my fried rice that I made right away after I harvested em:)

 Heres how hubby planted them and I showed them love :)

  • Shallots, like onions, thrive on well drained soil.
  • I made holes and placed small shallot bulbs pointy end up. The tip of the bulb should be just above the surface of the ground. Placing the bulbs about (4-6") apart would give them enough room to grow well
  • I watered the plants twice a day and removed the weeds faithfully. We have a bird feeder nearby and lotsa birds visit us so there were many weeds. Thats all you need to do to grow good shallots:)


When you notice your shallot leaves turning yellow, you can harvest them. Remove the whole plant out by digging the bulbs out. You can use the greens like you would use chives. And the bulbs should be allowed to dry for a couple of days and then you can store it in a dry place for further use. I also save the best bulbs for growing them next year.