"Much Virtue in Herbs, little in Men."`Benjamin Franklin

Love this herb.....

 Many are not familiar with this herb. Fenugreek is used both as an herb (the leaves) and as a spice (the seed). It is frequently used in Indian curry.This was the first plant that I ever grew :) cos I heard from couple of my friends that they grow fast and need little attention :) Thus was born my passion for gardening .... very touching story eh?? Here are a couple of tips to grow fenugreek.

  •  It likes full sun and well-drained, fertile, neutral to slightly acid soil.
  •  It doesn't like to be transplanted.
  •  In spring, after the threat of frost has passed, sow seeds to a depth of a little less than a quarter inch.
  •  The seeds sprout quickly.
  •  Space plants five to six inches apart.
  •  Fenugreek grows to about two feet but the tender leaves are tastier. So I harvest them earlier.  .


Harvest the dry seedpods in early to mid fall, and store them in an airtight container in a dry, dark place. The leaves can be harvested when they are slightly dark green in color. I will be posting some recipes using these leaves and pods soon :) Have fun gardening :)