Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Tribute

                               Sheeba.......... Sheeba........ Wake up.... come and see this! My aunt woke me up. As I followed her I saw on TV a  plane explode into the Twin Towers, mobs of people covered in white ash running for their life, people jumping out of the windows to escape........ I remember tears rolling down my cheeks and freezing for a moment.... I knew things will not be the same... my life took a 90 degree turn after that, indeed it wasnt the same and it hasnt been the same ever!!!! Today I would like to share a video in remembrance of all those lives lost! My heart cries out for ALL the families that lost their loved ones. My prayers are with you.


  1. Sheebs can we ever forget this day ????????????? i too join with you in prayers.

  2. Sheeba I'd love to hear how your life changed because of 9/11. I know here in CO we had a few instances of racial prejudice and anger toward anyone who was "Arab" looking. That thankfully has gone away as people spoke up and shamed those doing such things. After all these folks have lived here and been good citizens. Many of us pointed out the Japanese hate that sprang up here after Pearl Harbor and the injustice of those actions. Hopefully this has not been the case for you and yours. I will be happy when different religions are bridges between people instead of excuses for hate and destruction. We need to remember that there are many roads to God and no one is the right one. Peace be with you.

  3. PPl were sooo good to us.... just that God taught us much!!


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