Double ka meeta, Indian bread pudding

I want to have a good body, but not as much as I want dessert.  ~Jason Love

Mouthwatering delish....
Prep & Cooking: 8 hours 20 mts
Serves 4 persons
Cuisine: Andhra

I made this pudding for my dad when he visited me. It sure was a hit and I crave it every single day since.................. Its just uuuber yummy and dad still raves about it. Ms S says " Can you please make crspy sweet yummy bread today???'' So believe me it amazing .. you should try it atleast once its worth it and its pretty easy..... and please do drop me a line before / after trying out my dishes.... I thrive on your comments lol.....

Bread - 10 slices
cardamom powder 1/4 tsp
ghee for frying
Half and half 2 cups
sugar 1 cup

Cut each slice of bread into halves of triangle and let them dry over night.
Fry it in ghee till golden brown
Make sugar syrup flavored with cardamom and keep it aside.
Boil half and half until it is thickened.
Add 2 tbps of ghee to a pan and once hot fry the cashews and raisins for a couple of minutes and keep aside.
Dip the fried bread in sugar syrup for few seconds and place it on the serving dish.
Add the fried nuts and raisins on the bread and pour the thickened half and half.
Serve it warm or cold with whipped cream.


  1. During Eid,a friend sent us a whole package of Biryani,Chicken and Double ka Meetha.Since I am a vegetarian,all I had was endless spoons of this sweet wonder and I guess that contributed much to the weight I piled on which now I am trying so hard to lose!!!

  2. Forgot to looks scrumptious!!

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  4. Oh yes it sure is tempting Divya, I bet you cant eat just one bite:) Thanx for visiting :)

  5. yum!!! delicious!


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