Sunday, October 10, 2010

My new look!!!

Welcome back to my blog!!! Ive been tweeking my blog and making some changes...... This blog has kept me busy and it has been super fun!!! Its only because of your support! Thanx so much for following my blog, commenting and also posting your link.

So heres a nutshell of whats happening here for those who are new and and a lil update on whats happening here....

Here’s a sneak peek:

This blog is to inspire others and be inspired so heres how you could be part of this potpourri of information, inspiration .... This is how you can participate and be part of Inspiratio{LOFT}!!
  Get your Blogs listed and featured by Just dropping me a COMMENT with your url  and get featured. Its as simple as that!
I have categorized the blogs under the heading 'Listed Blogs' (on the right side)Just click on the category that fits the description of your blog/site and leave a COMMENT on that page. I will add your site to the list. You are just minutes away to grow your blog for free. There are NO strings attached.This blog is all about inspiring others and being inspired!!
Every Saturday I will randomly choose a blog to feature from the lists. Check out the featured blogs here.

You could also guest post in my blog. I will be thrilled to have you write about your blog and get more traffic to your blog. Email me

And I also cover the following Topics every day!! So hop in and enjoy the joy ride!!

Curry Monday: I’m a food enthusiast and I love to cook. I will be sharing some of the dishes that my family and friends love :)
Artsy Tuesday: I will be sharing the arts and crafts that have intrigued me.
Every Wednesday I will be sharing the introduction of a book from the Bible on how I have understood it, under the topic Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE)
Every Thursday I would like you to drop into my very little garden and enjoy the fresh green lush:) under the topic My li'l Eden.
On Fridays I would like to share my homeschooling tips and ideas that will keep your toddlers busy, active and full of fun @ Preschoolers haven.
                At the Weekend chatter there will be something new something fun for you to enjoy and updates about Inspiration{LOFT}!!!    

Thanx for your suggestions and requests as per that I will be including two more topics under listed blogs!!
A Pilgrim's Reflection
Techy blogs

Please do drop in and leave your valuable comments and suggestions!! Let me know what else you would like to see here. Lets build our Inspirational{Loft} together!!!!

Have a great week ahead!!!!


  1. you are very inspiring!love your new look with the different categories! Good luck with your hard and nice work!

  2. Looks good with lots of informative links. Best wishes.

  3. thank you for visiting my blog Adelina and thanx for those sweet words:)

  4. thanx sanjeeta i hope you visit again and enjoy this blog:)


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