Saturday's Feature {Annie}

                     Welcome and a very good morning to you. Im sooo happy that you are here. Thank you for dropping by. Saturday is going to be our feature days. Im totally thrilled to start this here. I got a lot of response and people are digging it. Thank you for all the loving words. Grab a cup of your  favorite drink and enjoy the amazing blogs. This blog is all about inspiring others. Please check out the blog lists and drop me a line if your blog isnt listed. 

                            Annie Anastasia is from Colombo, Sri Lanka, who loves quilling, paper crafts. I had seen her quilled pics a while back and always wondered who creates these beautiful pieces. Her style is bold and vibrant and full of happiness. Her pictures take us to a place we have wished or dreamed about. I was so excited when we connected through FB. You can check out her blog here. 

I asked her how she came up with such an unique method which looks sooo tedious, she told me that she uses a different technique not the age old one.Check out her blog Im sure you will love it too.And oh you can always guest post if you want to. email me for the details:)

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