Saturday's Feature {Sam}

Hii everybody!!! Hope yo;u; all had an awesome week. Todays feature is Samuel Williams. He is my dear brother and an amazing person. His blog is very interesting. Its about his life and his walk with God. Make sure you check out his doodles.

Are You Even Listening?

The Pulley

From Sam:

I AM A NATIVE OF Chennai, Southern India currently residing in Toronto, Canada. I am a mosaic of eastern and western experiences and worldviews engulfed in Christian values. THIS BLOG IS MY ATTEMPT to be vocal about the things that matter the most to me. I love Christ (for saving me and revealing GOD to me), His Church (imperfect, yet beautiful, that accompanies me in my journey), GOD's infallible word (It refreshes me, brings clarity and perspective to my life and invites me into GOD's active work in the here and now) and my unpredictable life (which I believe is part of GOD's bigger story that is being told in our generation for His glory and fame).