100 th Post!!!!

This is my 100th blog post!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! 

Well, I asked on FB what you would like to see on my 100th post.  Many dear friends and family replied on my wall. Thanx soooo much for replying and dropping by ..... your presence here and your words of encouragement keep me going!!
Thanx a ton!! Totally appreciate it!
 So heres what you wanted to know......
 What inspired me to start blogging.
 A tribute to my parents.
 And my first blooper in the kitchen!!! 
So here goes my story:)
                         I was the princess of B'lore and then I got married and became the________ (LOL). Well before I got married I had never had the opportunity to get into the kitchen and cook.Had many maids and was studying working and then was sent away to this country with my DH who I met just 4 days bfore the wedding. The first thing that I asked my DH when I landed here was , " At what time will the maid come tomorrow??" I cant forget the look on his face LOL.From the very next day I would call my mom first thing in the morning and she would walk me through the whole process of making break fast, lunch and dinner. Whew
those first few days were crazy. But enjoyed cooking thoroughly!!!Two weeks later, Dh asked for Idli. Well I called my mom got the recipe, got the dough ready and it was fermented and ready the next morn. To my surprise, I made some super GOOEY, super STICKY yucky Idlis. I had no clue what went wrong with them. Then my neighbor told me not to worry and that I could make it again while she supervised. And found the secret to yucky idlis - just leave the whistle on (LOL). This sure was my first blooper and yes
there were a couple more down the line. But now I sure have amazed a lot of people with my cooking especially my parents:) I have loved to cook and love to try out new dishes.

                         Once we had kids we decided that one of us have to stay home to take care of my God given precious little angels. I decided to be a stay at home mom. One of the most difficult decisions I have made but it sure is the best ever for my kids and family. I salute moms who are working and taking care of their kids as it sure isnt easy!! Being a full time mom, I have very less time to socialize and be of some help to the ones around me. I always wanted to impact people around me and serve in every possible way I can so that God alone will be glorified, coz  He has give me these talents. I wanted to share these little talents to my friends and family at first since they wanted to know how I made that craft or wanted the recipe for some of the dishes that I made and some wanted to know what I was teaching my kids and always the biggest Q What are you always busy with???? At first I would post it on FB, then as I was looking into creating a website as I am a web designer, I found that I could reach more people through blogging than just having a website. I checked out some of your blogs, and fell in love with the blogging world. Thus was born my blog!!! YOU are my inspiration!!! Each one of you have inspired me to knock into my talents and use them and not hide it.... its YOU who have made me come out of my shell and show the world that each person can make a difference!!! This page sure is dedicated to you, my friends and my family. 

You, requested me to write a tribute to my parents, I sure do appreceate their impact in my life but I cant leave out my DH who has also been an integral part in making this happen. Thus this poem is dedicated to my family :) Thanx yalll I love u:)

I love you for what you are,
And for what I am when I am with you.
I love you for what you have made of yourself,
And for what you have molded me to be.

I love you because you bring out the best in me,
And for ignoring the things that you aren't so proud of.
I love you because you dig deep into my life
And see the beautiful things that no one else would see.

I love you because you make my days brighter
And my dark nights lighter.
I love you because no one else could have done any more
to make me who I am today.

You have done all this and more,
just being yourself
and expected nothing in return 
but just to be me.

Oh how Im thankful to my DH, daddy, momy and my dear brothers, aunts and uncles whose constant support, prayers and words of wisdom never cease to make me a better person!
Have fun reading my blog and drop me a line:)

The winner will be announced tomorrow!! Thanx for participating!!


  1. Hey,

    Congrats on your 100th post!!God Bless!!Keep rocking!!Nice to know about more about you :)



  2. Congratulations on your 100th Post. You write very well and should start writing a novel!!

  3. Congratulations on your 100th post =) I enjoyed reading your story. Wishing you more inspiration and energy! You're doing a very nice thing =)

  4. Congrats dear on your 100th post..well written and lovely poem...God Bless!

  5. Congrats Sheeba. Continue to use your God given talents for the glory of God.

  6. Sheebs, praising GOD for you and how he reveals Himself through you. You are just like your Father GOD, very creative!

    Continue to keep us spellbounded :)

  7. congrats Sheeba on ur 100th..wish u many more!!
    Have fun!

  8. Congrats and Praise God for your creativity!! I make your Chettinad Prawn recipe often.

  9. Congrats on your 100th post. Wishes to achieve many more.

  10. Congrats !! Well written .Do drop by http://www.padhuskitchen.com when u find time

  11. White Racoon you are too nice thanq


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