Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Diwali Wrap Up!

 Missing India during this joyous season... heres a taste of India in my house. Since we dont celebrate Diwali, heres what we did during this season. We enjoyed loads of sweets that Dh got from the store. It was soooooo yummm!!!!

Carved a pumpkin with an Indian theme. Isnt it pretty?? Love the way it glows:)

Heres a simple decor Idea for your mantle. The picture is a 'Coffee
Art' done by me. A very simple technique yet beautiful. Im totally in love with this art..... Will be making more of these soon. Well heres a teaser..... each room in my house is decorated with a different theme from different parts of the world- Egyptian, Country, Asian. Indian etc. Will be posting the pics soon....  But heres a peep into my home.... Enjoy:)

 Check out the tutorial on how to make this beautiful art here.

Here are some delicious recipes for this season!
Click on the following links to get these awesome recipes. 


  1. Sheeba, Love the festive spirit! making efforts to do up the decor, whip out those yummy goodies..simply inspiring. The coffee art is awesome.. Hey, I liked the idea of having themed rooms in the house. I'd jump at it if you are willing to showcase your themed rooms on our blog. BTw, thanks for being a part of the Diwali Dhamaka, it means so much ;)

  2. The decoration, the pictures of food everything is great, Sheeba. Happy Diwali!

  3. I love the coffee art. Definitely going to check out the tutorial. Thanks for sharing. The pumpkin carving is also awesome, nice idea! Next time, I can have my daughters involved in this :)

  4. Hey Sheeba..thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Love your pumpkin carving!! i'm following your blog; it's so colorful :):):)

  5. The Egyptian painting is good. I saw the tutorial, will make one sometime soon.

    The pumpkin idea is good, wish I found yours before I carved mine. Thx for taking the time to stop by my blog.

  6. Amazing Diwali inspirations Sheeba. The sweet platter, the pumpkin carving, the coffee art picture are so specially great. I totally {heart} the idea of Indian theme pumpkin carving... Next time, will definitely give it a try :). Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things with us.
    Hugs, Neeti

  7. Love the coffee art... very beautiful...!! And i luv the way that you have provided the links for everyone to see.. and do it for themselves....!!
    Thanks for linking to the blog party ...!!! ;-) ;-)
    Hope u had a great Diwali !!

  8. coffee art! sounds exciting. Must check out the tutorial soon. And your pumpkin does look pretty :)

  9. hi Sheeba

    your artworks are simply awesome!!

  10. Looks so festive..awesome Sheeba,great job

  11. thanx rekha, am looking forward to making more coffee art soon:) am addicted to coffee.... art!!!!

  12. thanx shankari.... yes the tutorial is really good and im sure ur kids will enjoy pumpkin carving!

  13. thanx geeta checked out ur blog love those shorts :) aww i too wish you had found it earlier..... nways have a fab thanxgiving!!

  14. thanx neeti........ had sooooooo much fun this season:)


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