N Day

A beautiful night sky!

For N day our activity was to explore the nignt sky!!!

"Mom, why is the moon following us??" Mom why is the moon  broken???" "Mom can you please buy me wings so that I can touch the stars??" "Why is the star not falling down??"" These have been the questions my kids have been shooting at me recently, it sure was quite challlenging trying to explain a four yera old and a two year old about the night sky. But it sure was fun learning together.

We learnt that a star was a big ball of gas that changes color and size over billions of years.The sub is the brightest and biggest star in our universe and you can see it during the day. We also learnt that the moon is
about one-quarter the size of our planet.And also that Armstrong was the first human being to walk on the moon. Both of  them want to go to the moon when they grow up:)