Paper Flower Clip:)

My DD is wearing a red dress this Christmas..... I was looking for a hair piece and didnt find the right color or the right size..... so heres what I came up with .....

Doesnt it look like an art piece???? I love it and Im sure its gona look adorable on my lil baby doll:)

Ok here are this steps to make this cute lil flower clip.

Cut the tissue paper into 5" x 5" pieces, for this flower I used about 6 sheets.
Accordion fold the pieces of paper, making 1/4" folds
Using a string tie the papers in the middle.
Trim the ends of the paper into scallop shape
Slowly pull out all the tissue layers apart to form the flower. You might need a lil patience for this as I ripped two flowers before the final one LOL
Fix a gem stone in the center for a lil bling
Glue gun your flower on a flat clip and voila you have yourself a pretty embellishment!!


  1. As usual - love your ideas!! The flower will look great on your DD.

  2. Adorable flower Sheeba. Your DD will look lovely wearing this :)


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