Alphabet P (Painted by a 4 yr old)

Painting is a fun activity that Sharon loves. Its a wonderful activity where kids express their creativity. Its the best way to keep Sharon away from TV for hours.
Some of the different paintings that we have done are finger painting, dot paintings and we have always had fun.

This is one of Sharon's most recent painting. The kit comes with the outline of the picture with the numbers suggesting the appropriate paint. I told her which color to use and she painted it. She sure did surprise me .... Its splendid isnt it?

Here are some of Sharon's paintings and craft work when she was much younger (2 yrs)

Im sure you all are having loads of fun with your lil ones..... share some of your ideas with us too :)


  1. cute ones akka..yes the more we give space to express what is in their mind..the better their creativity becomes..


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