Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Life is meaningless without God.

Examining life from every possible angle and searching through every earthly option to find significance, the Teacher of Ecclesiastes comes up empty, finding only bitterness, futility and meaninglessness. However, when the Teacher changes his focus and centers his energies on pursuing a relationship with God, life takes on new meaning and purpose.

Ecclesiastes explores the spiritual significance of life, revealing the folly of searching for knowledge, wisdom and pleasure without acknowledging God’s timing and involvement in everything (Ecc 1-3). We discover the loneliness of the workaholic who places possessions, status or power before God and others (Ecc 4-6). We are transformed as we embrace the practicalities of godly wisdom (Ecc 7). The Teacher’s admonition that death comes to all shakes us out of our lethargy (Ecc9-10) and stirs us to seek God early in life (Ecc 11-12).
The book of Ecclesiastes resounds with the message that life is not a puzzle to be solved. It reminds us to view life as God’s good gift to us, rather than to bog down in the analysis of life and our situations and circumstances. God wants us to enjoy life and to find purpose and meaning in it. But the only way he can accomplish his purpose is when we allow him to fill the emptiness of our searching hearts with himself.


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