Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A love song

The Song of Songs celebrates the joy and intimacy of the romantic love relationship between a man and a woman. This tender yet passionate picture of physical love affirms the sanctity of marriage and has often been seen as mirroring God’s unconditional love for his people.
Using at times deeply sensual word pictures, and phrases that unveil the joys of physical love, the Song of Songs introduces us to the bride, called “Beloved,” who is beautiful and deeply loved and who responds to her “Lover” with affection and passion. The groom, called “Lover,” is revealed as a handsome, virile male, who praises his bride’s beauty using delicate yet sensuous pictures from nature. The “Friends” of the bride and groom encourage their love and offer them advice and instruction. Song of songs reaches its literary and emotional climax in chapter 8 when the Beloved passionately describes the intensity and the eternal nature of the love that she and her Lover share.
The lyrical beauty of Song of Songs gives the reader a pleasurable picture of love in its most intimate form. The sensuous images of the physical side of love are paired with passionate declarations of the strength and intensity of love. They combine to reveal like no other passage of Scripture the love between a man and a woman expressed and experienced as God intended. Historically, many commentators have drawn a parallel between the Lover and the Bride in Song of Songs and Jesus Christ and his bride, the church.

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