Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A stand against materialismThe nation of Israel, the northern kingdom, experiences economic and political successes that foster a false sense of optimism, comfort t and security. Deluded by their own sense of self importance, the people became complacent, greedy and corrupt, allowing slavery cruelty and injustice to flourish. Amos courageously confronts them with God’s perspective on their materialistic society and challenges them to stand against immorality by lives of justice and righteousness.
Fearless, Amos begins by declaring god’s judgment on Israel’s neighbors for their cruelty (Am 1-2). He then moves to point finger if judgment at Israel itself for its idolatry, for its exploitation of the poor, for its abuse of the righteous and for overlooking injustice (Am 3-6). In the iopening verses of chapter 4, Amos focuses on the women of Israel for their selfish, self indulgent lives. Amos related his conversation with God, who is holding a plumb line. The plumb line swings down among the people of Israel and shows them to be seriously flawed (Am 7). Finally Amos compares Israel to a basket of ripe fruit, ripe for plucking and for judgment (Am 8-9).
Amos boldly speaks God’s words and denounced the sins of the people. His example is an excellent one for us today, encouraging us to speak up when we see injustice, to change our ways that conflict with God’s ways, and to find hope in the knowledge that God will honor those who are willing to walk with him in righteousness.

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