Gardening Facts and Tips!

Cutworms  wrap their bodies around the tomato plant’s stem and destroy the entire plant. To stop cutworm damage stick a plastic soda straw or sturdy twig right next to the stem of those young plants that have weak stems.The cutworm is then unable to wrap its whole body around the stem and your plants are safe.

Did you know that lettuce and artichokes are part of the daisy family as well.Hmmm interesting huh???

Did you know that a tomato weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces, the tomato grown in 1986 by an Oklahoma farmer was twice the width as most hamburger buns. It weighed more than my son when he was born ... wow!!!

The flowers of the pumpkin are edible. In the colonial times, the main part of the pumpkin was actually used in the crust portion of pies, not as part of the filling. They are also 90 percent water and were once believed to cure snake bits and help to get rid of freckles.

More than 54 percent of gardeners are women and about 68 percent of this group is over the age of 45. Another interesting percentage fact about gardeners in general is that more than 64 percent of gardeners are married.:)

The best part of gardening is harvesting....... these are the goodies I got from my garden :)



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