Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Words of warning rejected.The book of Jeremiah sounds a warning to God’s people that those who do not turn from evil will face severe consequences. With passionate prose and poetry, Jeremiah mingles his tears of compassion with God’s sober message of judgment to the nation of Judah. For over forty years the prophet stands virtually alone urging his people to repent before it is too late. Despite his emotional appeals, Jeremiah’s words fall in deaf ears, and he loves to see God’s judgment fall.
Woven throughout Jeremiah’s message of doom and destruction are some surprising passages. The sanctity of human life is established in Jeremiah’s appointment as a prophet while still in his mother’s womb (Jer 1). Jeremiah establishes that God’s justice requires is to answer to him for how we live (Jer 5). We are horrified at the description of child sacrifice and obscene religious practices ( Jer 7). We recognize the pitfalls of pride and arrogance (Jer 13). We are surprised at Jeremiah’s strident honesty with God (Jer 20). And we quickly realize that God will deal harshly with those who lie and lead others astray (Jer 28).
Yet Jeremiah’s words are not only words of discouragement; there are also nuggets of encouragement. God is our potter; he is in control of our circumstances (Jer 18). He will provide for our needs even in disastrous situations (Jer 29). And he will renew us by restoring our hearts (Jer 31-32). Jeremiah’s words ultimately remind us that faithfulness to God’s way will always overcome the failures of sin in our lives.

How important it is to give God our utmost priority?
God meant his people to have only one true love in their lives- God himself. God the lover will not take a second place; he refuses to share His bride. When we place anything or anybody else above Him, He calls it adultery!!!!!

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