Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quilled Hearts

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It's Daughter Week! If you have a beautiful daughter that you
love more than you can describe, copy and paste this to your
status for a little while, but hold her in your heart for a lifetime!
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I love shopping for craft stuff- im sure you can tell by now how much I love art and craft:). When I go into a craft store, Im like a kid in a candy store :) I buy them and keep them in the inspiration basket(with all my other treasures) utill im hit with an idea. Well this is one of the frames I bought and had been lying in the basker for a while:)

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon,  I starting going through my bin and rediscovered the glass frame. I picked up some of my punches, and some amazing papers and began working on this project. I usually hold back with quilling as I dont have as many quillable frames as I would want. Thus decided to place the punched hearts and the  quilled hearts outside the frame. Inside the frame I used anothe sheet of paper and some punched border for some more details. It now sits pretty in my daughters room with the rest of the collectibles. Isnt it pretty. My daughter loves it and she said "You are the best crafter in the world, Momy!" 
What more do I need?? My daughter makes me happy each minute with her giggles, laughter, hugs, kisses and loads of I love u's throughout the day:) If you have a daughter dont forget to tell her how much you love her no matter how old or young she is...... I still love it when mom pampers me :)


  1. Beautiful!!!!-mom

  2. Sheeba,
    I tried mailing u but the mail bounced back..
    Are your crafts for sale? Pl mail me with more details at krithika@kitefactory.in

  3. You are really talented! Your crafts are lovely!. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. thanx dear...... you have a lovely blog:) love those recipes... will try out some soon

  5. hi krithika,ive mailed u hope u got it....

  6. Yea Sheeba you are really talented & Gifted to be so creative..Love ya loads.......Chithi


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