Simple pleasures of life .........

I love this time of the year.........Im all geared up to start sowing and prepping my little backyard garden........ Heres the new stuff that I got for this year........... Im super excited and am sharing the joy with u alll yayyyyyyyyyy!!!! Oh yes...... simple things in life bring utmost happiness isnt it.........

Just some tips for you garden lovers out there :)

When starting your garden seedlings indoors, plant the seeds in egg shell halves.   Simply crack the shells around the roots of your plants & transplant them outdoors--the shell is a natural fertilizer!
Take four or five empty eggshells and put in 4 cups of water. Let stand for 24 hours. Water the plants with this mixture. It will help revive sick house plants.
Nicotine Spray:  To help control caterpillars, aphids and destructive worms.  Take one handful of tobacco and place in 1 gallon of water.  Mix and let stand 24 hours. Dilute the solution to the color of weak tea.  Do not spray on tomato, pepper, eggplant or any other plants that are members of the Solanaceous family, since nicotine can kill them.

Have a wonerful day...........

Just one day is never enough to say how much we love someone.......Enjoy the Valentine week by presenting gifts, roses and by sharing immense love with your beloved ones!
Day 4:
DH brought me these lovely roses ! Aint they pretty!!!