V Day

Kids Vegetable Garden:      

  • I would suggest that you start sowing the seeds at home.
  • I usually buy the seed started kit. Buy some seeds and tell the kids to start sowing.
  • Keep the kit near the window for some sunlight.
  • Water them regularly and watch them grow.
  • When they are big enough, pick a sunny location with good soil. The ground shouldn’t be too hard (clay) or too sandy. 
  • If you can, watering your garden in the morning is the best time.  Be sure to use a sunscreen when working out in your garden.  If it is going to be a very hot day, try to work in your garden either early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it isn't so hot.  Take water out to the garden with you for when you get thrist. Make sure you water your garden enough. 
  • Keep the weeds pulled.
  • Go out to your garden almost every day.  You will notice if something is wrong (like something is eating your plants or veggies) and you will know when things need picking.  You don’t want your veggies all mushy or rotten, do you?  If you have a critter problem talk to an adult or send me a message and I will try to help.  (I mean I will tell you what to do, I won’t come to your house to chase those critters away!)
  • Take a bucket out with you when things need to be picked, the handles make it easier to carry back to the house when it is heavy with all those wonderful veggies!  Don’t let things like cucumbers or zucchini get too big, they are better when little.
  • If you want to learn more about gardening go to “My lil Eden”.

Just one day is never enough to say how much we love someone.......Enjoy the Valentine week by presenting gifts, roses and by sharing immense love with your beloved ones!

Day 5: Kids made this cute card for us for valentines day! They punched out the hearts and glued them to the card! It also has a heart with a dimensional sticker to give it a 3d effect!! How adorable .......... my little ones are uber cute:)


  1. Hi Sheeba, i dropped by to thank you for visiting me the other day.

    this was an inspiring post. the card is simply pretty... thanks for sharing...

    have a blessed weekend!

  2. Thanx for dropping by Ruth....... i love your blog..... i enjoy reading it... enjoy!!!


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