Growing Cilantro

Coriander is a  fragrant annual herb and will grow to up to 2 feet in height. Coriander is grown for both its seeds and leaves and both are used for culinary purposes. The leaves can be used raw in salads, sandwiches and salsas or in cooked items such as Bread or Indian Curry.

Coriander is sensitive to transplanting and the shock can cause boliting. Even fluctuating weather could cause bolting. ( producing seeds-as seen in the pic) Plant it directly on the ground to avoid it.Soow outdoors tin May to ensure warm soil temperatures which will promote more successful germination.
If growing in containers then make sure the container is at least 15cm deep so that the tap root can develop.
Coriander likes a lot of light.The soil should be well drained and have good aeration.
Harvest mature leaves to encourage further growth.