Lapbook {Alphabet A}

Talked to them about the letter Aa. They learnt that Astronaut, Alligator and Apple start with the letter A.We've been working on our Alligator Lapbook, and I just wanted to post a few "Sneak Peeks" at what we're working on! We learnt about the alligators characteristics, their habitat etc. We also talked
about how Alligators have short legs and crawl with their bellies on the ground and how strong their tail is. We also crawled like the alligators and we had loads of fun catching each other crawling on our bellies :)

Made the alligator card and wrote its characteristics in it

For making the lap book we got the information from the book Alligators and Crocodiles by Gail Gibbons. The kids loved looking at the pics.

We made a chart about Alligator hole. We learnt that alligators are key stone species.And stuck the chart behind the lapbook.

Check out the Activity here
Click here for Alphabet A related snack made by my lil chefs:)