300th Post!!!!!!!

Today is yet another day that calls for celebration!. This is my 300th blog post on my blog, Inspiration {Loft}. Ive been blogging since Aug'10 and I honestly cannot imagine my life without it :)
I just love what I do everyday...... Ive heard people complain how monotonous and boring life is but theres never a dull moment at my fort LOL. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the regular day to day humdrum would turn into something like this. I still remember the first time I sat down to write my first blog post… and from then on I couldnt stop! Inspiration {Loft} brings so much joy into my life. I love meeting new friends and sharing so many amazing talented people and projects. Thank you for reading and sharing YOUR talent!!
Thank you soo much for supporting me and posting your comments which is the driving force behind this Blog!! You make this blog happen...... Thank you!!

Here are some of your amazing comments from your heart!!!

 Your blog is great. You are so versatile. God has given you so many talents. God bless you and your family. Be blessed

Yea Sheeba you are really talented & Gifted to be so creative..Love ya loads.......

Everything you post is informative and awesome.

You are very creative,lovely!

i think it's pretty amazing!! u are very creative :):)

 I came across your absolutely lovely blog through my friend....., who you featured recently on your blog. Anyway, I just have to say, I'm just stumped and truly amazed at your creativity, energy, and endless ideas! I mean, how do you think up all these preschooler activities, for example? And get the time to maintain such an extensive blog and do arts and crafts and cook and go for classes, etc etc etc!...............your blog is truly truly an inspiration for me...God bless you and your family!

chandini you are an excellent cook!! i must congratulate u very talented!!

 first time here...very interesting space you have with lovely posts..happy to follow u.

These are just few comments (I wish I could post all the comments to show my appreciation) that you have posted at Inspiration{Loft}. Every comment/ suggestion posted is soooo dear to my heart. my heart leaps every time a new friend joins Inspiration {Loft} or posts a comment! Im truly blessed to have met sooooooo many talented people in the blog world. Pls do continue to post here and share your talents on my blog. Click here for more information.

I am celebrating this happy occasion in HongKong!!! yohoooo!! 
      Thanx for making it happen!!!!