Wednesday, April 6, 2011


GODS MATCHLESS MERCYMicah proclaims the downfall of the prosperous and the deliverance of the powerless in this message of warning to Israel, the northern kingdom, and Judah, the southern kingdom; contemporary of Isaiah, Micah champions the cause of the poor as he warns god’s people of the destructive consequences of disobedience. Because corruption and exploitation run rampant among the wealthy, Micah’s message of imminent judgment is not popular.
Using poetry, metaphors and vivid figures of speech, this powerful preacher from the country prophesies against Samaria and Jerusalem, the capital cities if Israel and Judah (Mic 1). His short speeches document the dangers of pretense and the coming judgment on false prophets and corrupt leaders (Mic 2-3). Yet Micah balances god’s judgment against god’s deliverance as he fore tells the birth of the messiah in Bethlehem (Mic 5). Micah ends his book with an encouraging note, assuring the people that God’s judgment will not permanently destroy the nation but will rather bring a life of peace to those who willingly obey God (Mic 6-7).
Warnings are a part of everyday life. We find them on bridges and boxes and helmets and hot cups of coffee. Although most people pay little attention to these repeated warnings, the book of Micah is one repeated warning that deserves attention. We hear Micah proclaim the terrible judgment awaiting all who ignore God. We wonder how long God’s patience with our society will last. But we are assured that God’s greatest desire for us is a faith that shows itself in love, justice and obedience to God’s plan. We can heed Micah’s warnings and rejoice in God’s acceptance and forgiveness.

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