Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Evil will not last forever.
Nahum delivers this message to the people of Judah through most of his words concern the future of the Assyrians. A little over a hundred years earlier, the people of Nineveh had responded to God’s warning of judgment delivered by the prophet Jonah. However, those who had heeded god’s call to repentance fail to pass their knowledge of God on to their descendants, and the city of Nineveh gradually slides back into its old routines of cruelty and wickedness. Assyria and the people of Nineveh now threaten to invade Judah. This grim reality causes God to declare that judgment cannot be averted any longer – Nineveh is doomed.
Nahum paints an inspiring portrait of God as he presents God’s case against Nineveh (Na 1). With vivid images of a draining pool, a den full of bones and a wanton prostitute, Nahum describes the destruction about to befall the city (Ns 2-3). And, in a final comparison with Egyptian city of Thebes, Nahum warns the Assyrians that their pride and strength will not save them from God’s wrath (Na 3).
Nahum’s message firmly asserts that we can stand in respect and reverence before God, knowing that evildoers will have their day of reckoning no matter how powerful or persuasive they may seem to be right now. God will not tolerate business as usual when he has called for repentance. He is the ultimate power and authority, and he calls us to live life his way.

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