Craft, Songs, Books {Alphabet D}

Quack Quack Quack!!!
After our Prayer time we made some fun craft. We made a collage of a duck pond with different colored paper.Then we sang the song five little ducks went out one day.....  I found the video on you tube . Yaay now its time for coloring... oh yes they had loads of fun coloring their pages.I got these work sheets from here. Sharon practices writing her alphabets everyday!


We then enjoyed reading the book, The ugly duckling.We then talked about the letter Dd. They learned that Duck,Dog,Drumstick start with the letter D.They stuck the pictures and made a lapbook on the characteristics of Ducks. We made a chart about the life cycle of a Duck. For the science table we made a small project. We learned about the ducks nests and we made a ducks nest using mud, glue, straw, twigs etc.We went to the ducky pond and had loads of fun.The activity time is a very special time. Hubby usually joins us on these small trips and the kids are super excited and tell their dad what they did and what they learned. We love this time together as family. After we come back the kids draw in their journal. Sharon drew the life cycle of a duck in her journal.

Bed time story: Quack Quack (Baby touch and feel) Jason picked this book for today and they really liked it.