Craft, Songs, Books {Alphabetc}

Craft:  Carrot - stamp picture frame.

Materials :
Acrylic paints
Paper towels

Instructions :
With a pencil etch a flower shape into the cut surface, then carve out the surrounding carrot with a knife.And stamp away :)

 Singing and story time: We sang the song 'A fuzzy caterpillar'

A fuzzy caterpillar wiggled down a tree.
He wiggled long, he wiggled short, he wiggled right at me.
I put him in a box. "Don't go away," I said.
But when I looked again I saw a butterfly instead.
Now I could never make one, even if I tried.
Cause only God in Heaven, can make a butterfly.

We also read the book - Caterpillar to butterfly by Deborah Heiligman, Illustrated by Bari Weissman.Check it out here.

Coloring: Sharon and Jason loooooove coloring......every time I give them these sheets they are gleaming with joy!!! Oh how I wish I was a kid again..... enjoying all the simple pleasures each


Science: We planted the cherry pits and kept them on our science table.

Bed time story: Hermie: A Common Caterpillar . Available here.