Friday, June 17, 2011

Fathers Day Gifts!!!

The kids made this for their grandpa with the twigs that they collected during Nature walk.

Sharon wanted to gift a frame for her daddy with her favorite pic that they took together at school on 'Father daughter pancake day'....... so this is what we made :) She picked her own frame, she said she didnt want any other pic in it so we added a scrap book page for the A. Well I suggested that she could add a sticker on A that says 'I Love U' and she replied, "If  I say it, it would have more meaning, momy." Hmmm well she is right !

Jason always says "I will be like daddy when I grow up." So we got him dressed in dads clothes and shoes, got pics and decorated the frame with some pebbles that the kids collected and voila- a cute fathers day gift. He has said that he will give it to dad and say"Dad look, Im like you" CUTE!!!!


  1. What fantastic Father's Day gifts!!!
    How clever and creative.
    Alicia xx

  2. Wonderful gifts by ur cuties... Kudos to them...

  3. thanx vimitha........ kids enjoyed making em

  4. thanx alicia for the lovely comments...... :)

  5. Beautiful gifts... !! Loved the frame selected by Sharon...and the choice of pictures ...!!
    Loved the "Dad rocks" frame too... !! Am sure these would be the wonderful Dadz priceless gifts !!

  6. Ur kids are so creative! And so are you!

  7. Thanx Angelin the kids loved the project

  8. Thanx Emreen yes the kids enjoyed making them and yes jai loved it


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