Nature Walk {No TV Activity 2}

This activity lets your little kids use up their energy and enjoy their summer... There's a beautiful Botanical Garden near our house, and we go there and my lil munchkins just love it there:)

What you need
Lots of time

 What to do

The kids can collect the things that intrigue them . My kids were super excited and had loads of fun .......... they found twigs, leaves, berries , flowers etc.

They also met the turtle family at the nature walk. They loved the whole idea and have been asking to go again :)

They segregated them and put them in the box to be used later.

 Check out the photo frame they made using what they collected during nature walk.


  1. hi Sheeba, these pictures are beautiful... and your kids are super cute!! nature walk... i miss doing that.

  2. Wow looks like it was both fun and educational!

  3. Thanx Ruth for the compliments:) I know i wana be a kid again:)

  4. Very true Doc the kids learnt a lot thro it :) and it was super fun


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