Paper Bag {No TV Activity 1}

This activity lets your little kids use up their energy and practice gross motor skills. I had hung a bird feeder from the roof and kids always were trying to reach that with twigs and sticks and I would always say "Stop That! I am watching you." They would stop and kinda looking disappointed! Thats when I got this Idea 'Tada':)

What you need
A plastic bag
Wooden spoon

What to do

Tear strips of newspaper and roll it into balls. ( My kids loved doing this and they were pretty busy for a while:)). Fill the bag and tie and string and hang it. Thats it! Voila and there you have a "play thing" that keeps kids busy for a while :) S and J loved hitting the bag with  sticks.... I would suggest giving them a wooden spoon as its safer :) Have fun keeping your little munchkins busy this summer :)