July 4th craft for kids

Kids are on their summer break and are having soooo much fun with friends and family. But then there are the dull days when we just want to stay home and enjoy a laid back day..... On one of those days we do craft, read lots of books and just talk:) I just LOVE those days:) Especially when they are talking and Im listening ......... soooo love those moments. This is what we made for July 4th on one of those days:)

Things you need
Some skewers
Crepe Paper

How to?
1. Cut the crepe paper into one inch strips.
2. Take small piece of the strip and wrap the blunt end of the skewer and glue it.
3. Fan fold the strips and wrap and glue around the skewer. You can alternate it with different colors.:)


  1. That looks wonderful. We used to make these flowers in school( as a school project), many many years ago :)


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