Day 11: Gingerbread House{25 Days of Christmas}

My kids love anything creative.  They can do it all day ....... and leave a lot of mess too :) But I still would prefer them being creative than watching TV. Dont you agree? But now they are learning to clean up after since momy is busy with the baby :) Well heres what they did today. They built some adorable ginger bread houses :) It sure was fun watching them do it. Most of it went into their tummy before it reached the lil houses lol.  Once they were done I could see the excitement in their eyes, and they were sooo proud of what they did. It was just priceless :)

We are also making an ornament each day. We are learning the true meaning of Christmas during our Family prayer and devotion time.I was kinda stumped on how to make  a wounded man ornament and my son came up with this idea :)

Parable of the good Samaritan
Todays ornament: Wounded man
Scripture: Luke 10:25-37