Day 21: Family Movie Time{25 Days of Christmas}

This is one of the activities that we all love to do a couple of times during the year. But during this time of the year we love it the most as we snuggle up together and watch a fun movie. We Pick a movie that all of us can watch. And something that doesnt completely skew away fromt the true meaning of Christmas. We sure love to snuggle under a warm blanket surrounded by the christmas lights glistening and the fire warming us. The kids love popcorn drizzled with chocolate syrup topped with minty christmasy m&m's and hot chocolate. It sure is the most beautiful time of the year! What is your most favourite tradition/ activity during this time of the year???

We are also making an ornament each day. We are learning the true meaning of Christmas during our Family prayer and devotion time.
Betrayal and Denial
Todays ornament: Rooster
Scripture:Mathew 26:47-54