Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 24: Christmas goodies/ Palagarams {25 Days of Christmas}

When we were little we as a family would bake and make loads of Christmas goodies as a family for couple of nights in a row. It was something that me and my brother looked  forward to. Mom used  to make huge batches of goodies to give away. It sure was an awesome time of fun love and bonding as a family. Now I also make couple of goodies with my family and hopefully the kids will do the same when they grow up :) Here are a couple of goodies that we made this Christmas. We baked sugar cookies, snowballs, fruit cake. We also made some murku/ spicy fried noodles, spicy cashews, baloo shahi/ Indian buttermilk donuts and some almond candies :)

Fruit Cake
Muruku/Fried Noodles
Roasted Spicy Cashews
Baloo Shahi/ Indian Buttermilk donuts
Almond Brittle
So what did you make this Christmas?????


  1. nice posting ....with nice deserts.

  2. Hi Good to be here,
    Well arranged post
    And ha lovely pics
    Keep posting
    Hey this is Dec,2012
    Where are the latest
    ones, pl post it
    Best Regards
    Philip Ariel

  3. hi chandini
    can i get a emai id to contact you


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