My Blog

After all the encouragement and appreciation received from my previous blog I wanted to let you all in on the other aspects of my world other than just quilling.

                  Here’s a sneak peek:
Food: Where there is perfect harmony of spices bursting into mouthwatering dishes.
Love: I dream in Colors, patterns, papers  and paints ...... watch me color this world pretty!
Life:  I'm a Wife, Mom,Daughter, Sister, Friend just like you! Sometimes life gets bumpy, sometimes its amazing and sometimes it's just blah! But, hey lets ride along together and have some fun on the way!
And More:O, yes there's always more!!

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                 I'm (mostly) enjoying the craziness of my life with two, three little ones at home. This blog is about the things I do with them/without them (very rarely) and things in between.
Pick up your favorite cup of cofee, tea, latte ........ Put up your feet and enjoy a good read!!