Day 22: Family picture {25 Days of Christmas}

Every year we take our family picture. This is what I love the most while my family dreads it. (And I pretend like I didnt notice LOL) I love everything about taking pictures esp my precious lil munchkins. Pictures are really precious to me :) All the lovely moments caught in a flash...... I love grasping all the precious moments and keeping them safe with me. So here is our family pic this season :)

At a time we should feel most blessed
Holidays can make us feel quite stressed
When you feel the "Crabbies" come near
Sprinkle yourself with Christmas Cheer :)
Enjoy this season and celebrate the birth of Christ while spreading the good news to one and all.
We are also making an ornament each day. We are learning the true meaning of Christmas during our Family prayer and devotion time.
Crucifxion and Burrial
Todays ornament: Cross
Scripture:Luke 23:33-46