Day 8: Christmas Lights {25 Days of Christmas}

Today sure was super hectic. Being a new mom ( my baby is 1mth 28 days) is awesome and super tiering. And getting things organized and cleaned and decorating for the holidays does get a lil bit too much. But thanx to my DH who put up the lights outside without me even telling him ........ well that just made my day! So heres our home all lit up from the outside :) well the inside is a whole different story..... will crib about it another day lol :) So heres what the kids and DH did today as momy took a loooong nap :) Im doing the happy dance now lol

Our devotion time always has been a wonderful one one one time with the kids. They love it. They listen to the stories and then its time for them to talk :) It just amazes me how much they know and all the wonderful tricky questions they come up with. My daughter asked me Why does God forgive us? And before I could tell her the answer, my son replied saying, " Thats because if He didnt He would be alone in heaven." Hmmm LOL Oh yes I did give him an elaborate answer, after a few chuckles :)
So heres what we did today during our time of devotion.

Stilling the storm.
Todays ornament: Boat
Scripture: Mathew 8:23-27