Day 9: Christmas book collection{25 Days of Christmas}

 Kids and I are lover of books.  So every year I buy a new Christmas book (we have a plethora of Christmas books) and I wrap it up and put it in a basket. The kids unwrap it and we read it together.The kids love to do this and look forward to it every year :).These little surprises are what makes it sooo much more special. Kids love quality time with them and they remember these things forever. :) Im sure you are also doing fun stuff with your kids Have loads of fun with you little munchkins.

Today we talked about Jesus feeding the 5000. I remember what my sunday school teacher told me long time ago. He told us to imagine a little child crossing the road ( particularly in India :)) there is so much on going traffic and the child doesnt worry about anything and crosses the road blindly holding his dad's hands. Children trust their parents blindly and thats how we should also trust God.

Feeds the 5000
Ornament: Basket with bread and fish
Scripture: Mathew 14:!4-21