Welcome to my new Blog!!

                  After all the encouragement and appreciation received from my previous blog I wanted to let you all in on the other aspects of my world other than just quilling.

                  Here’s a sneak peek:
Curry Monday: I’m a food enthusiast and I love to cook. I will be sharing some of the dishes that my family and friends love :)
Artsy Tuesday: I will be sharing the arts and crafts that have intrigued me.
Every Wednesday I will be sharing the introduction of a book from the Bible on how I have understood it, under the topic Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE)
Every Thursday I would like you to drop into my very little garden and enjoy the fresh green lush:) under the topic My li'l Eden.
On Fridays I would like to share my homeschooling tips and ideas that will keep your toddlers busy, active and full of fun @ Preschoolers haven.
                At the Weekend chatter there will be something new something fun for you to enjoy!!!

                 I'm (mostly) enjoying the craziness of my life with two little ones at home. This blog is about the things I do with them/without them (very rarely) and things in between.
Pick up your favorite cup of cofee, tea, latte ........ Put up your feet and enjoy a good read!!